Emasex®-A Vitex

Irritability, loss of the self-esteem up to social isolation: Erectile dysfunction is often a great burden for affected men and should therefore be treated before serious problems develop. At the same time many men desire a gentle and holistic therapy for their erectile dysfunction without side-effects. Thanks to its herbal ingredient Vitex agnus castus EMASEX®-A vitex has a sexual desire promoting and virility increasing effect. At the same time it relieves the symptoms of the erectile dysfunction according to the homeopathic drug profile and helps affected individuals to gain more naturalness during the most intimate hours.

  • Product Description

    Form: Sugar-coated tablet contains

    Active Ingredients:

    • 250 mgVitex agnus-castus trit. D2


    Other Ingredients:

    • Lactose monohydrate Magnesium stearate
  • Guidelines

    Please find the product guidelines (German) under the following link. Click Here

  • Availability

    Emasex® A-vitex is conveniently available at all pharmacies throughout Germany. For those who prefer shopping online, Emasex® A-vitex can also be easily acquired through various authorized online retailers.

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