We are extremely proud of the pioneering company we have created. For over 60 years we have successfully developed and distributed medical products to serve our patients worldwide.
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Anstalt für Zellforschung is a pharmaceutical company that has been specialized in the development and marketing of innovative medicinal and OTC products since 1958. The company provides the highest degree of flexibility and standards of professionalism, commencing with the procurement of raw materials and continuing through production to the marketing of its pharmaceutical products to the consumer.

Anstalt für Zellforschung is dedicated to the continuous development and expansion of its product lines to enable new markets to be accessed by working together with capable and ambitious sales partners.

Anstalt für Zellforschung was founded by Baron Georg von Bernewitz in Liechtenstein in 1958 as a fully licensed pharmaceutical company.

Our most popular product, Zellaforte, launched in 1964, and subsequently became the best-selling multivitamin product in Germany and various international markets.

Development of international business in various LATAM countries, Mexico and USA in the 1980s. Back then the product portfolio included Nervinetten, Emasex-N, Zellaforte Diabetes, and more.

In 2016 Anstalt für Zellforschung was taken over by Zellaforte Pharma Holding GmbH, relaunching different products and entering new international markets.

In 2019 we opened a new branch office in Trogen, Appenzell, and obtained a full pharma license by Swissmedic to operate in the Swiss market and exports from Switzerland (AR).


We believe that every single patient is unique. Their needs are different, their way of life is different and their dreams are different. That´s why medicinal products should be formulated to meet the uniqueness of individual needs, rather than fit universal pain points.

When developing new products, we identify and pinpoint the physical origin of individual pain points, and consequently formulate high quality medicine that assists in relieving our patients of their sickness. With over 60 year of experience in developing, selling and distributing pharmaceutical products, we know exactly what our customers need and how we can help them.

For A Better World

There is over a billion people around the world, who do not have access to basic medical supplies and equipment. Helping disadvantaged communities through small acts of kindness, is deeply rooted in our core corporate values and beliefs.

For the sake of a better world, we support those people by donating essential medicinal products, that are needed to fight medical issues.

We are a healthcare company guided by a shared purpose of helping people stay in good health. Good health means more than just avoiding severe illness or hospitalisation. It also means the health- related problems people face in their daily lives are addressed, treated and prevented.

We own and commercialise a range of documented and trusted brands within key categories of everyday healthcare. Within each category, we guide people to relevant choices and help them select the product that will prevent or manage the issue they are experiencing.

We want to give people control over their daily healthcare. By empowering them to make smarter choices, we believe that we can increase their quality of life and help them live their life to the full.

International Markets
In order to market our complete  product portfolio we are looking for  long-term partnerships with  leading distribution partners and  companies in new territories

Requirements for Partners
In-depth understanding of the  needs and requirements of our  strong and established brands and  products (i.e. Zellaforte,  Nervinetten) of the highest quality in a highly competitive  environment

Our Support

  • Professional product  documentation (CTDs)
  • Co-Operation with leading CMOs
  • Product-related’ life cycle  management with line and use  extensions

Headquarters & Global Partners

Our offices are strategically located with the purpose of serving customers as well as improving our business performance. In order to serve patients around the globe, we carefully select partners that share our vision and corporate values. If you want to become a partner, do not hesitate to get in touch!


Laboratorios Eurostaga SA, based in
Quito, Ecuador, is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development, acquisition, marketing and distribution of various pharmaceutical products. Eurostage is a highly valued distribution partner for our best selling products in the LATAM market.

Eurostaga S.A. Av. Las Avellanas
E3-52y los Cipreses
Quito, Ecuador

Website: www.eurostaga.com
Tel.: +593 22482487
Email: info@vitalpharm.com


Schmidts Pharma, based in La Paz, Bolivio, is a pharmaceutical company specialized in marketing and distributing pharmaceuticals, committed to offering original, high-quality products as industry leaders in Bolivia.

Schmidts Pharma
Av. Mariscal Santa Cruz
E3-52y los Cipreses
La Paz, Bolivia
Website: www.schmidtspharma.com


At Anstalt für Zellforschung in Switzerland, our strategic branch focuses on distribution and expanding into new markets. We strive to ensure access to our products in untapped regions, continuously broadening our reach to bring our innovative solutions to more customers worldwide.

PLandsgemeindeplatz 6
CH-9043 Trogen


Anstalt für Zellforschung was founded in Vaduz,
Liechtenstein in 1959. Our headquarter is still
located here, providing us with multiple advantages
such as a pro business system and
access to large markets like the the EU.

Address: Zollstrasse 34
FL-9490 Vaduz
Phone: +423 / 232 26 17
Email: info@zellforschung.li


adequapharm serves as our esteemed strategic distribution partner for the German market, guaranteeing seamless access to our products throughout Germany.

adequapharm GmbH
Egellsstraße 21
13507 Berlin